Leading Organisational Change

Most organisational change efforts either fail or take far longer than necessary and ‘cost’ too much. Usually, change becomes ‘stuck’, whether at the level of an entire organisational or within a team.

Is your organisation or team experiencing symptoms such as those shown below?

  • Poor performance, however measured
  • Persistent resistance to change (Some resistance to change is healthy.)
  • Distrust
  • Repeated storytelling relating to past events and/or people
  • Newcomers being unable to find their place in the organisation

If you’ve tried to resolve these symptoms by conventional means and you’re still facing ‘resistance’ or a sense of ‘stuckness’, you’ll need to diagnose the ‘invisible dynamics’ that are holding the organisation or team in its current state. The ‘health and flow’ of the system needs to be restored before change will occur.

Diagnose the ‘invisible dynamics’ that are causing the problem

Restoring sustainable organisational health and flow starts by identifying the Adverse Organisational Experiences (AOE) that are giving rise to the observed symptoms. Simply treating the symptoms does not address their underlying cause.

The AOE questionnaires, developed by Brilliance Unlocked Ltd, help identify the potential sources of unresolved systemic trauma in an organisational system (whether the entire organisation or a team). From these, it becomes possible to identify which systemic principle(s) have been violated and, from there, develop a plan to restore systemic health and flow, and from there on-going change.

For a comprehensive assessment of all the systemic principles, the organisational system needs to be viewed through three lenses, each has it’s own questionnaire:

  1. Historical perspective (what has happened before now)
  2. Current culture perspective (what is happening now)
  3. Leadership perspective (what is the leadership’s influence)

After completing these diagnostic questionnaires, the next steps to take depend on which of the organisational systemic principles are found to be out of alignment.

Here you will find links to our proprietary Adverse Organisational Experiences (AOE) questionnaires (subscribers only):

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