What’s holding your business back?

Change in your market and competitive environment and the pressure to deliver consistent and improving business results is relentless. As a leader, you need to accelerate both change and improvements to business performance. People lie at the heart of your organisation and they form the ‘organisational system’ that operates the processes and physical systems of your business system. Enhancing the health and ‘flow’ of this ‘organisational system’ is crucial to delivering the results you need.

What can be the symptoms of poor organisational health and ‘flow’?

  • Resistance to change within a team or the organisation as a whole
  • Poor employee engagement survey results and low participation
  • High turnover of staff
  • Distrust, judgemental attitudes and/or a ‘them and us’ culture
  • A blame culture
  • Sustained poor business performance
  • New appointees to a leadership role repeatedly failing to perform to expectations

What situations are most likely to give rise to poor organisational health and ‘flow’?

  • Where growth has been achieved through numerous acquisitions over the years
  • Where the business has been significantly rebranded
  • Following a merger or acquisition
  • Where the founder(s) have left the organisation or taken a ‘back seat’
  • Following a period of business turnaround or restructuring
  • Following a disposal or closure of part of the business
  • Following a scandal or an unexpected departure of an influential figure

What can be done to improve organisational health and ‘flow’?

The processes and physical systems of most businesses have been enhanced over the decades by approaches such as TQM, BPR, KM, Agile etc. Over the years, attempts to enhance the environment for people have included initiatives such as employee benefit schemes, The Great Place to Work survey, a focus on individual well-being and increasingly the introduction of mental health ‘first aiders’. Although welcome enhancements, these types of initiatives are not enough.

As a leader, you need to identify and attend to the principles of healthy organisational systems that are being violated – usually unintentionally. For example, who or what is being excluded? Who or what is being disrespected? Where is there an imbalance of exchange?

By taking a systemic perspective and drawing on previously unused information from within the ‘organisational system’, you can attend to what is being overlooked and improve organisational health and ‘flow’. As a result, resistance to change will decline, team effectiveness will improve, decision making will be more efficient and improved business performance will result.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above or you are facing any of the situations listed, get in touch to explore how we can help.

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