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Here I provide links to various articles and thought-pieces I’ve written.

Practical examples of systemic thinking (subscribers only)

Improving ‘health and flow’ in diverse residential communities (coming soon!)

The shadow-side of purpose-driven, founder-led organisations

What made the global narcotics cartels so successful?

Viewing cults and terrorist organisations through a new lens

What can industries learn from the Great Toilet Roll Crisis of 2020?

What’s shaped your relationship with money?

An introduction to systemic constellations

What’s holding your business back?
The importance of taking a systemic perspective

Does your organisation feel “weighed down” by something?
Identifying Adverse Organisational Experiences*

What is constellation-based facilitation?!
For ‘strategy away days’ (for example) that actually deliver

If you’re looking for a happy story that demonstrates the value of retaining hope, you might like this one:

Photographer reunited with lost camera found after 12 years (published in Amateur Photographer)

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