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Facilitating effective meetings

Meetings, whether large or small, tend to be extra-ordinarily ineffective and inefficient. Organisations invest a considerable amount of time and money in making other parts of their operations more productive but rarely their meetings. We encourage you to learn how to better facilitate meetings!

Unlocking brilliance in meetings – a check-list for making meetings efficient, effective and engaging

When teams appear ‘stuck’, repeating patterns of behaviour and discussion, this is usually a symptom of an ‘invisible dynamic’ at play that is disrupting the health and flow of the team ‘system’. It’s important to diagnose the cause(s) so that appropriate facilitation can be used to return the ‘system’ to health and flow.

Diagnosing ‘invisible dynamics’ in teams – using our Adverse Organisational Experiences (AOE) Questionnaires

Managing performance

Do you know the difference between these three approaches to managing performance?

  • Giving feedback
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching

Leaders often confuse these approaches. For example, they offer to coach a subordinate but then, instead, proceed to give them feedback. They may offer to mentor someone only to then, instead, tell them what they should do. Understanding the differences between these approaches and applying the most appropriate approach for a given situation is the best way to manage performance.

Feedback, Mentoring & Coaching – a check-list for managing performance

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