For Systemic Facilitators

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Pushing back the boundaries of systemic constellations approaches and thinking

Mike Price (Director of Brilliance Unlocked) has developed novel approaches to using systemic constellations to improve ‘health and flow’ in individuals and organisations. Examples of this pioneering work include:

  • Building greater trust and mutual understanding within senior executive teams, using structural constellations to build mutual respect, to name the ‘elephant in the room’, and to engage in productive discussion.

  • Facilitating senior leadership teams to rapidly develop their multi-year, cross-functional business strategy using structural constellations.

  • Using large-scale structural constellations to explore individual issues, simultaneously, across multiple organisations.

Mike Price developed the Adverse Organisational Experiences (AOE)¬†questionnaires to help diagnose the cause of any ‘invisible dynamics’ at play within a senior leadership team or an organisation as a whole. These when leading organisational change.

Mike Price also explored the applicability of the systemic principles in a variety of different organisational and social systems:

  • Viewing cults and terrorist organisations through a new lens
  • What made the global narcotics cartels so successful?
  • The shadow-side of purpose-driven, founder-led organisations
  • Improving ‘health and flow’ in diverse residential communities

And a couple of other topics that explore how organisations and individuals are influenced by the their history:

  • What can industries learn from the Great Toilet Roll Crisis of 2020?
  • What’s shaped your relationship with money?

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