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Many management consultants share similar coaching and mentoring needs:

  • Developing self-confidence
  • Improving work-life balance
  • Career development
  • Managing the performance of others

Each of these is covered in more detail below.

Developing your self-confidence

The key to success in life is to be yourself and not to try to be someone else. Learn from others to be a more skilful version yourself. This cluster of articles explores how to do this looking through different ‘lenses’.

‘Dialing down’ insecurities and self-limiting beliefs

Why do I feel I’m the ‘odd one’ in my family? – exploring a common and possible cause

Finding inner peace and hidden resources – drawing on the generations that came before you (includes link to Family Constellations)

Using our emotions as a signal – a different view of Emotional intelligence

Improving your ‘work-life balance’

This is a sequence of related articles that, together, focus on building and sustaining one’s wellbeing. (Professional coaches looking for ‘train-the-trainer’ material, jump here.)

Improving your resilience – getting the basic ‘building blocks’ in place

Managing your energy levels to avoid ‘burn out’

Rediscovering lost boundaries between work and other priorities in life – using our proprietary Wellbeing Constellation

A necessary part of ensuring one’s wellbeing, particularly in the workplace, involves being able to have difficult conversations, such as ‘saying no’. Much of the difficulty associated with a conversation that’s expected to be uncomfortable is the anticipation of the meeting rather than the conversation itself. This cluster of articles explains why that is and what can be done about it.

De-stressing: Learning to love ‘grey’ – negotiations at the boundary

Finding and drawing on the source of your personal courage – you have it, somewhere

Handling difficult conversations confidently – simple steps in preparation

Developing your career

Developing your personal credibility

Developing an area of specialism

Who am I? – a simple reflective exercise to find the authentic you

Managing the performance of others

Often confused, these three activities are extremely different. Coaching, for example, does not involve providing feedback!

Coaching, Mentoring and Feedback – important differences

Delivering on your personal commitments

Making a commitment to change is easy, follow-though is what delivers the change.

Holding yourself accountable – working with an ‘accountability partner’ or a coach

Your journey may be challenging and at times uncomfortable but it is worth it. The journey starts with you accepting responsibility for your steps and progress. No-one else can do this for you, they can only accompany you and guide you when the path appears rocky or indistinct.

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