Systemic philosophy

Organisational Constellations

The philosophy of ‘constellations’ was pioneered by Bert Hellinger in family systems. This philosophy is being adapted and applied in organisational systems. We are among those pioneering this field. We are developing new ways to bring about shifts in organisational systems and thereby facilitate and accelerate change. Much of this work is reflected in our short courses and systemic facilitation work.

Systemic Facilitation and Coaching

We facilitate executive teams, cross-functional workgroups and project groups to address the specific organisational change challenges they are facing and we do this by adapting a ‘whole-system’ perspective.

This style of facilitation is aimed at providing a higher level perspective on the systemic issues facing the organisation during its change journey or effecting the team dynamics. With this perspective subsequent meetings and discussions among those involved will feel very different and their focus will change, improving the health and flow in the organisation or team.

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