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Executive Development Programmes

“Mike delivered sessions on strategy for us as part of a bespoke programme in partnership with Henley Business School. He was engaging, challenging and insightful. He researched our business thoroughly to deliver a programme that linked the academic theory directly to our current business situation and challenges. He had tremendous credibility with our group and Executive Board alike, and as a result was invited to work with the board directly on moving the company strategy forward. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Mike to help develop strategic capability in any business.”
Training & Development Manager, UK Division of a Large Multi-National

“Having met Mike I quickly realised the enormous value his skills and experience would bring to [our company]. I introduced Mike to the executive group [in 2008], and since that time, Mike has worked across the business in the UK, working with leaders at various levels but predominantly at a senior leader and executive level. Throughout all the time I have known Mike, he has shown great ability to work with the various leadership groups. Mike gains credibility the instant he starts engaging with teams, and the depth of experience quickly becomes evident. I would however highlight Mike’s unique ability to use his insight to identify the underlying issues behind any challenge or opportunity. He will then, often through constructive challenge and pace, create the energy in the room to give leaders the confidence and courage to realise they do have the answers within themselves, and to help free them up to deliver the solutions.”
HR Director, UK Company (approx £600m turnover)

One-to-One Coaching

“I really got a lot out of the process we went through and its given me lots to reflect on. Interestingly, I have already noticed some subtle changes in the world around me”
Divisional director feeling frustrated with his boss

“It encouraged me to vocalise the situation rather than keep it in my head. Recognising it makes it less overwhelming and helped me to realise that I can have influence in the organisation.”
Office manager frustrated by frequent miscommunication in the office

“I realise the things I thought were important aren’t and that ‘I’m ready!’”
Freelance change consultant seeking a new purpose in life

“I am feeling a lot better in work, and feel much more in control about everything. And also in my personal life too. Thank you very much for that session, it has made a huge impact in my life.”
Country manager unsettled in her new job

“I was surprised to discover how I felt about my colleague. Things have improved between us since. The process has helped me find my place in the organisation and my voice”
Executive director facing intense organisational politics

“I realise now that I’ve been obsessing about the wrong issue. It’s been very helpful!”
Finance manager seeking a career change

Mike is an exceptional listener and is not judgemental. His patience and empathy created a safe environment for discussing what are quite personal challenges, which have been ‘haunting’ me since I first began working so many years ago…. A recent event, which created a level of personal anxiety that would have dogged me for a whole weekend, was dealt with quite differently after the coaching session. I was successfully able to set out my point of view in a calm and assertive manner, and had a very positive outcome…. It’s strange to find oneself appearing reasonably confident in everyday life, but inside to be battling a bit – but coaching has made me realise that I’m not the only one in that boat.”
Director, UK Charity

“The session usually starts with a very general conversation about how things are going and what’s been happening and then through that process you [Mike] usually pick up on one or two areas for further exploration. The unplanned nature of the discussion and ability to allow it to follow the energy or follow the tone invariably allows us to talk about the conscious or sub-conscious things on my mind. What I really value is not only how you see a situation but more often how you hear a situation, through my tone. You pick up an inflection or a hestitation in my voice and recognise it as a clue…. Sometimes I find myself verbalising views and feelings that hadn’t been conscious thoughts before, which can initially be a surprise, but then on reflection invariably I recognise, own and ultimately do something about.”
Director, Large Multi-National (telephone coaching)

“From the start of my sessions with Mike I have always felt comfortable. He is non-judgemental, listens carefully and engages closely with the subject matter. He does not offer a personal opinion but guides you sensitively towards potential solutions. I feel he has a lot of empathy but always retains a professional approach. He has the ability to listen intensely and this is proven by the questions he asks in order to probe more deeply into the various issues. Clear goals have been set on how to cope with my trigger points. These have worked particularly successfully and are on going.”
Female life coaching client