Facilitating Wellbeing & Courage

A systemic constellations approach

This is an in-person workshop for coaches to learn how a systemic constellations approach to wellbeing can be of benefit to their clients and themselves. It’s an experiential session in which participants take turns to experience being the coach and the coachee.

The approach was first launched in 2018 by Mike Price of Brilliance Unlocked, who has refined and further developed the technique while using it with hundreds of coachees and numerous facilitators.

“For those who start with a low ‘work-life balance’ score,
a substantial improvement can be guaranteed
from the Wellbeing Constellation alone”

Mike Price

Our approach is ideally suited to coaches who have trained as facilitators of systemic constellations and have an understanding of family systems. However, experienced coaches who do not have this training will also find this workshop beneficial, either for their own wellbeing or as form of continuing professional development.

This in-person training workshop for coaches follows the sequence of steps a coachee would take, combined with plenty of opportunities for Q&A:

  • “Tuning in” the coachee and as the facilitator
  • Facilitating the Wellbeing Constellation to rediscover lost boundaries
  • “De-stressing”: Learning to love shades of grey
  • Locating and drawing from the source of a coachee’s personal courage
  • Committing to change and planning next steps

This work can sit comfortably alongside an existing coaching relationship or can be the basis for a new one. Follow-on support to the coachee will help embed the changes they want make. The constellations are best performed in-person but can also be undertaken remotely and Brilliance Unlocked has resources that can help with this. As with any family systems work, coachees can find it uncomfortable at times and challenging to let go of tightly held self-limiting beliefs. However, working on this is what makes the sustainable difference to their wellbeing.

“The family member we criticise for having a characteristic we reject,
is often the person from whom we have most to learn”

Mike Price

The concepts covered are reasonably straightforward. The skill comes from practicing the facilitation and learning what to notice and reflect back to the coachee. The ideal facilitator has both ‘hypervigilance’ and ‘inner peace’. The ideal coachee would be someone who is struggling with their ‘work-life balance’, finding it difficult to say ‘no’, and feeling that their wellbeing is suffering. However, they accept their responsibility for making changes.

Participants who have attended a Facilitating Wellbeing & Courage: A systemic constellations approach course can register to have access to comprehensive facilitator materials. If you have the relevant password, please complete the feedback form.

If you are a coach and are interested in this training workshop, please contact Mike Price at Brilliance Unlocked Ltd.

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