Tech Support (Zoom)

We are not able to give you personalised technical support but we hope the following guidance on using Zoom us useful.

Ensure you have a good Internet connection

  • Connect using a laptop/PC not a mobile device. Mobile phones, for example, rarely provide suitable functionality or an appropriate user experience for coaching and mentoring.
  • You don’t need to download an app but, if you would prefer to, the Basic version is all you need:
  • Test your Zoom connection, audio and video in advance of the session:
  • If your audio/video connection breaks up, try the following:
    • Sit closer to your wifi router
    • If possible, disconnect other users from wifi to see if this makes a difference
    • Use a wired connection direct to your router
    • See if there’s channel conflict at your router and change channel if necessary. Further 3rd-party information. “Wifi analyzer” is an example of one of the many free apps that can help you identify channel congestion.

Use our suggested Zoom settings

  • Keep your video on at all times, even if you step away briefly.
  • If the technology fails for some reason, remain calm. Between us we’ll find a way to reconnect.

In our experience, the best settings for coaching and mentoring are to be in “Speaker View” which means having “Gallery View” shown in the top right hand corner of your screen.

And – if slides are being shared by the coach – to be in “Side-by-side mode” which you can select from “View Options” once the presentation/screen share is underway.