Executive coaching


For whom?

Typically those in upper middle management and senior leadership roles – whether in business, the public sector, universities, or not-for-profit.

How delivered?

Flexible scheduling: One-off sessions, regular sessions for a period of time, or through a call-off contract with sessions booked “as needed”.

Sessions are held in person, via video or by telephone. Some support is made available by e-mail and our website.

What’s covered?

These are the general themes we come across most often:

  • Career development and dilemmas 
  • Relationships  (e.g. conflict, being more influential)
  • Work-life priorities (including energy management and resilience)
  • Self-awareness (e.g. limiting self-beliefs) and self-confidence
  • Personal decisions, dilemmas and “stuckness”

Credible in the boardroom

“… The unplanned nature of the discussion and ability to allow it to follow the energy or follow the tone invariably allows us to talk about the conscious or sub-conscious things on my mind. What I really value is not only how you see a situation but more often how you hear a situation, through my tone. You pick up an inflection or a hesitation in my voice and recognise it as a clue…. Sometimes I find myself verbalising views and feelings that hadn’t been conscious thoughts before, which can initially be a surprise, but then on reflection invariably I recognise, own and ultimately do something about.”

Director, Large Multi-National (international telephone coaching)

“I found our time together very valuable. In a second it taught me a lot about how my mind works, the good bits and the bits that I need to adjust in certain circumstances. It gave me more confidence.”

Accountant/General Manager, Industrial Equipment business

“Even the insights so far are worth the fee! Thanks for a very valuable session.”

CEO and Founder of a major Technical Services business

“Many thanks for the time that you spent with me. I really appreciated the time you took and focus that you provided.”

Medical Doctor, GP Practice Manager

“You asked the difficult questions I didn’t want to ask of myself.
That was so valuable!”

A budding entrepreneur

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Meet our lead coach: Mike Price, CEng, MIET, MAC

I am a professionally certified and experienced coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching.

I start with a non-directive approach, believing in your potential and ability to make the right choices for yourself, regardless of my own values, beliefs and ideas. To be of use to you in your journey, I draw on a variety of schools of thinking about coaching and use whichever approaches match your preferences and the issues you are working on. 

In developing you as a person I’m particularly influenced by approaches drawn from ‘Gestalt coaching’ and ‘systemic facilitation’. These help to bring clarity and direction where there is otherwise ambiguity and uncertainty. If you feel you are ‘stuck’ and/or overthinking an issue, these approaches can help you reach a breakthrough very quickly.

To improve your performance in meeting an objective I draw on complementary approaches such as cognitive behavioural coaching (sometimes referred to ‘CBT’), solution focused approaches, and goal orientated coaching (e.g. the ‘GROW’ model).

To raise your self awareness I make use of pyschometrics, such as MBTI, theories of motivation, attachment theory and other frameworks.

Feedback from your employer, colleagues, family and friends can often form an important input into your coaching sessions. Where appropriate I draw on my own experience to offer you observations and insights.