Client Examples

What do you need help with?

Below we illustrate just a few of the many topics that often come up in coaching and mentoring sessions and describe some of our approaches to support our clients.

Team or Organisational Leadership

Even the insights so far are worth the fee! Thanks for a very valuable session.

CEO and Founder of a major Technical Services business

Below are some examples of leadership issues our clients have had relating to teams or organisational change. These and many others can be addressed via remote coaching and mentoring. What’s your question?

How do I improve the levels of trust in my new team?
How can I make my team/committee meetings more effective?
How can I achieve the organisational change I intended?
How can I deliver the required organisational integration, e.g. post-merger or acquisition?
Who can I talk this through with, confidentially?

Personal Effectiveness

I found our time together very valuable. In a second it taught me a lot about how my mind works, the good bits and the bits that I need to adjust in certain circumstances. It gave me more confidence.

Accountant/General Manager, Industrial Equipment business

Below are some examples of personal effectiveness issues our clients have had. These and many others can be addressed via remote coaching and mentoring. What are you struggling with?

I’m struggling with fatigue at work
I’m dissatisfied with my work-life balance
I say “Yes” when really I meant to say “No”
I feel “stuck” and faced with a dilemma

Life-Changing Decisions

You asked the difficult questions I didn’t want to ask of myself.
That was so valuable!

A budding entrepreneur

Life-changing decisions (sometimes considered ‘existential issues’) can be addressed via remote coaching and mentoring. Below are common examples our clients have had. What decision are you facing?

Whether to set up my own business
An important career decision
Contemplating (early) retirement

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Example Sessions

Are you leading a new team and finding that trust levels are low?

Is there a reluctance among people to engage in constructive conflict?

Is performance not where it needs to be?

If you are experiencing these issues, it’s likely that you need to attend to what’s undermining trust. Treating the symptoms, for example through teambuilding exercises, won’t be enough.

Our approach starts with our proprietary diagnostic questionnaire and an exploratory discussion. This leads to identifying the initial actions that you can implement that will accelerate trust building and return the team to better health and flow.

Further sessions are available, if required, to support your continued progress.


Are you fed up with ineffective team meetings?

Do you find your team, committee or board meetings ineffective and boring? Are they reporting sessions that don’t really need everyone there? Do they run over on time or run out of time to cover the agenda?

Most regular meetings – with a formal agenda – are ineffective and an inefficient use of time. However, there is plenty of scope to improve this. The major influences over meeting productivity include:

  • Agenda setting
  • Meeting preparation
  • Facilitation
  • Team awareness

Our coaching approach is practical, relevant and starts with your meeting agenda. Usually, the agenda is where problems start and simple changes to it will lead to step changes in participant engagement and meeting productivity. Our proprietary and structured approach to coach meeting facilitators guarantees to deliver improvements.

Why continue to suffer ineffective and inefficient meetings when they could be so much better?


Are you achieving the organisational change you intended?

Or are you experiencing:

  • Persistent resistance to change?
  • Little or no change seems to stick?
  • Loss of momentum?

The Brilliance Unlocked Change Radar is a simple tool that you can use in your meetings to tune in to what’s going on and what’s not, identify the priorities for action, and ensure alignment amongst management.

In this session, we’ll introduce you to the tool and apply it to the change initiative you have underway. From this, we’ll explore potential next steps, including the engagement of your management team.

One session is all this will need but we are available for follow up sessions if you need further support in the use of the tool.


Are you finding post-merger or post-acquisition integration difficult?

Is resistance to change persistently high?

Does it seem like there’s always an “elephant in the room”?

If you are experiencing these issues, treating the symptoms, communicating the vision and repeating the benefits of change, won’t be enough.

Our approach starts with our proprietary diagnostic questionnaire and an exploratory discussion to identify the Adverse Organisational Experiences (AOEs) that are invisibly derailing your change efforts. This leads on to identifying the initial actions that you can implement that will accelerate change and return the organisation to better health and flow.

Further sessions are available, if required, to support your continued progress.


Are you struggling with fatigue at work?

Finding yourself exhausted at work and unable to “recharge” when you have time off?

Our simple approach to energy management, using our Energy Management Grid, could be what you need. It helps you to identify what’s tipping your energy levels out of balance and what you can do to restore your natural balance.

What does our coaching package involve?

A simple framework/tool for you to use, with an hour’s coaching session to put it into practice. This is followed by a hour’s follow-up session a few weeks later.

This package, and your application of the learning, will deliver the breakthrough you are looking for. However, further sessions can be arranged if you would like them and they’re entirely optional.


Are you dissatisfied with your work-life balance?

On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), how would you score your comfort with your work-life balance?

Using our proprietary systemic approach, the Wellbeing Constellation, we have guided hundreds of our clients to find their personalised route back to balance and a greater sense of wellbeing. Our clients have consistently lifted their scores, for the question above, from below 6 at the outset, to 8 or more after just one session with our approach.

Our approach provides you with a structure to make a systemic assessment of your priorities in life and enables you to identify the actionable steps that will restore your balance.

It takes one session to introduce the approach and apply it. Optional follow-up sessions are available if you would like to go deeper into anything that’s holding you back from implementing your action plan.


Do you say “Yes” when really you mean “No”?

Saying “No” is very hard when you feel that it will lead to a difficult conversation which you believe you don’t have the courage to have.

However, you may be surprised to realise that you have far more courage than you imagine and it is possible for you to either say “No” or to say “Yes, on my terms”.

Our distinctive approach gives you increased confidence to tap into your natural, yet hidden, courage and guides you though how to prepare for the difficult conversation you need to have.

One session is needed to introduce our approach and apply it to you. Further, optional sessions, are available if you would like further support as you practice what you’ve learned.


Are you stuck with a dilemma?

Finding it difficult to make a decision about something important, for example a new career opportunity, a business direction, an important relationship?

Have you thought about it rationally and logically but still can’t decide?

Are you getting exhausted by the emotions involved and the sense of “stuckness”?

Our approach taps into the “inner you”, to access resources you have to make this decision but which you’re not currently using.

It’s quick and effective and deeper insights into the choice you face can usually be achieved in just one session.


Are you wanting the time, space and safety to think through something?

The value of good coaching – and what distinguishes it from advisory work – is that the agenda is determined by the coachee and the coachee finds and owns their own solution to their issue. In a way, benefit to the coachee is guaranteed.

How we create this value depends on the circumstances but providing you, the coachee, with the time, space and safety to think through something is a vital component of this. We can supplement this with a blend of:

  • Listening
  • Reflecting back what’s been heard or what’s not been heard
  • Posing questions
  • Providing tools/frameworks to facilitate thinking
  • Offering ideas, insights, reactions

The bonus that comes with coaching is that much of the benefit occurs after the actual coaching session. Your own sub-conscious processing and on-going reflections after the session extracts additional value.


Are you contemplating (early) retirement?

Retiring can sound attractive, particularly if you can afford to retire “early”. But for many, once the ‘holiday feeling’ has subsided, true retirement becomes the hardest ‘job’ they’ve ever had.

Employment provides a routine or structure to the day or week, a ready made social network, a sense purpose and belonging, and helps to meet one’s motivational needs. Many people miss this when they retire and often return to some kind of work (e.g. volunteering, committee and trustee roles, part-time/freelance work or non-executive directorships).

Hobbies, interests and dreams that were once appealing can seem less attractive when no longer the means to relax after a busy day/week at work. Life partners can become surprisingly more irritating when you can no longer escape to work. Non-retired people’s behaviour towards you changes when you retire. You lose your relevance, your potency and currency.

So retirement, particularly “early” retirement, is not a decision to sleepwalk into. Beyond the financial considerations, it’s important to reflect on the emotional and psychological journey retirement brings. Our proprietary coaching approach, can support you through this process of reflection so that you are better able to decide whether to retire, when and what you will do next.