Senior ‘Team Dynamics’

A distinctive area of expertise for Brilliance Unlocked, is improving the dynamics within senior ‘teams’ so that they function more effectively. We use the term ‘teams’ loosely as many senior executive groups are not strictly a team but more like a steering group or committee.

Providing we have direct access to the CEO or equivalent leader of the team or group, we are able to guarantee* a shift towards improved functioning of any team or group that’s responsible for strategy and change.

Our work

Our work in this area varies widely and has been applied across many diverse industries, including: engineering and manufacturing, professional services, food manufacturing, housing associations, defence and aerospace, enterprise agencies, software development, the public sector, construction, petrochemicals and many other sectors.

Example assignments that have delivered an improvement include:

  • Reshaping the design of Executive meetings and agendas
  • Conducting systemically-informed ‘sentiment surveys’ of the leadership group to diagnose what’s going on
  • 1:1 coaching for the CEO/leader and/or other senior executives
  • Facilitating meetings or ‘away-days’ focused on strategy and change
  • Team coaching with observational feedback on the group dynamics

Our distinctive, no nonsense approach

What makes our approach distinctive includes our:

  • Blend of professional coaching and consulting wisdom, honed in executive boardrooms
  • Clear distinction between ‘team facilitation’ and ‘team coaching’ (an important distinction that others overlook)
  • Systemically-informed perspective, based on a deep understanding of the ‘psychology of the system’ as well as human psychology (a mindset underpinning our work, not a ‘tool’)
  • Proprietary discussion frameworks and survey questionnaires (systemically-informed)
  • Practical, pragmatic and relevant approaches (business-led)
  • Impartial, objective and straight talking style (business-led)
  • Comfort, in equal measure, in areas of strategy, organisational and individual change, and finance

If you would like to explore how we can help you, please get in touch.

* We are so confident in our ability to make a difference that we are willing to negotiate terms that include us sharing the risk of the assignment with you.

See examples of our constellation-based facilitation work on Instagram.

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