Life coaching

Could you benefit from the services of life coach?

A coach acts as a sounding board; challenges thinking; stimulates creativity; provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations; gives encouragement; and builds confidence. A coach has unconditional positive regard for their client, has no agenda other than their client’s and is always on the client’s side. Together with good personal chemistry this builds a working partnership based on trust.

What types of issues can we help you with?

The range of issues we can help with is diverse. Here are just a few examples:

  • Developing your career or setting up your own business
  • Coping with personal dilemmas, decisions and ‘stuckness’
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Strengthening your relationships with others
  • Regaining balance between life and work
  • Resolving misunderstandings and conflict in relationships
  • Improving your energy and resilience
  • Finding your voice and having influence
  • Stopping repeating patterns of behaviour

How and where do we coach?

We adopt a non-judgemental approach, listening to you and responding accordingly, integrating a variety of coaching approaches to meet your needs.

The minimum number of coaching sessions is just ONE! Sessions typically last 1–1.5 hours – double length sessions are also available. You are under no pressure to have numerous coaching sessions as you may very well find that your issue is resolved in just one session.

If you are based in London or visit the city, we can provide face-to-face coaching at an affordable price. Contact us to make an appointment or to discuss how we can help you.

If you are outside London, we can provide coaching by Skype or telephone. Contact us to make an appointment or to discuss how we can help you.

Who will be your coach?

Mike Price is our lead coach. He is the Director of Brilliance Unlocked Ltd and has over 30 years of experience that includes developing the strategy and change leadership skills of senior leaders in large corporate and not-for-profit organisations, board-level strategy consulting for multi-nationals and the development and leadership of his own businesses.

Mike is an experienced and qualified coach who can draw on a variety of different coaching approaches to suit your needs. He is a Member of the Association for Coaching. Further biographical information can be found here.

What can you expect?

“From the start of my sessions with Mike I have always felt comfortable. He is non-judgemental, listens carefully and engages closely with the subject matter. He does not offer a personal opinion but guides you sensitively towards potential solutions. I feel he has a lot of empathy but always retains a professional approach. He has the ability to listen intensely and this is proven by the questions he asks in order to probe more deeply into the various issues. Clear goals have been set on how to cope with my trigger points. These have worked particularly successfully and are on going.”
A female life coaching client


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