Why choose me as your thought partner?

  • My style of coaching supervision is most strongly influenced by systemic, gestalt and solution-focused approaches but I draw on an eclectic range of coaching approaches
  • I’m a constant innovator of new coaching and facilitation tools and approaches
  • The diversity of my extensive experience helps me provide invaluable insights and perspectives

My diverse and extensive experience

  • I have over 36 years of experience working across numerous different industries and countries which you can read about here
  • I’m a qualified coach with experience of a broad range of challenging coaching situations
  • I have pioneered several new, ground-breaking Constellation-based approaches to coaching and facilitation

My Professional Qualifications

Coaching & Facilitation

  • Professional Certificate in Coaching, Henley Business School
  • Master Practitioner in Systemic Coaching & Facilitation, Coaching Constellations Ltd
  • MAC, Member of the Association for Coaching


  • MBA (Distinction), University of Lancaster
  • Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing

Engineering (critical thinking skills)

  • BSc Communications Engineering
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng), MIET

“… The unplanned nature of the discussion and ability to allow it to follow the energy or follow the tone invariably allows us to talk about the conscious or sub-conscious things on my mind. What I really value is not only how you see a situation but more often how you hear a situation, through my tone. You pick up an inflection or a hesitation in my voice and recognise it as a clue…. Sometimes I find myself verbalising views and feelings that hadn’t been conscious thoughts before, which can initially be a surprise, but then on reflection invariably I recognise, own and ultimately do something about.”

Director, Large Multi-National (international telephone coaching)

“Mike is an exceptional listener and is not judgemental. His patience and empathy created a safe environment for discussing what are quite personal challenges, which have been ‘haunting’ me since I first began working so many years ago.”

Director, UK Charity

“From the start of my sessions with Mike I have always felt comfortable. He is non-judgemental, listens carefully and engages closely with the subject matter. He does not offer a personal opinion but guides you sensitively towards potential solutions. I feel he has a lot of empathy but always retains a professional approach. He has the ability to listen intensely and this is proven by the questions he asks in order to probe more deeply into the various issues. Clear goals have been set on how to cope with my trigger points. These have worked particularly successfully and are on going.”

Female life coach client

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